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Rev.Nancy Dominique

Nancy Dominique Dessables, LMSW is an ordained interfaith minister, spiritual counselor, trained career coach, and professional social worker with over 30 years experience in facilitating meaningful and timely growth processes for individuals and groups. Rev. Nancy has facilitated numerous wellness and professional development trainings for human services staff and non-profit leaders. She has worked in the fields of Aging, Employment, Early Childhood, Healthcare, and Higher Education. She currently coordinates field placement for human services students in a well-respected New York City-based university system. Nancy is the principal owner of YOLA'S CHILD, a safe space for individuals who wish to explore their lives and careers through a spiritual lens. Nancy holds a master’s degree in social work and is a graduate of the One Spirit Learning Alliance Interfaith Seminary.  She is currently a student in the One Spirit Learning Alliance Spiritual Counseling Program. 

She is my Mother and I am her Child.

I am blessed to have been raised by a powerful, iconic, strong woman who continuously fills me with an awareness of what it means to live fully with courage, compassion, and faith.  My mother, Yola Edith Dessables was born in Petit Goave, Haiti in 1928.  Hers was a life of joy, faith, family, and adventure. More than anything, she infused in me a strong and impenetrable belief that I can do and be anything.  Her devotion to the La Vierge noire (The Black Madonna) has left me with an endless well of wisdom and inspiration from all sources of feminine divinity, strength, power, and compassion. We all have within us the capacity to give birth to new life.  Each and every day, we are invited to create our best lives and to nurture our souls in communion with the planet and all its inhabitants.  I am grateful to Yola Edith Dessables. 

The Offerings


Ponderings and Prose


Most traditional faith paths are based on a patriarchal structure giving little recognition to the power and importance of the feminine divine. 


It does not matter how you chose to identify in terms of your own gender, the feminine aspects of spirituality are rich and alive offering an abundance of wisdom and presence to individuals from a diverse prism of cultures and continents.


Whether exploring the gifts of the Black Madonna and her many analogous Afro-Indo-European variations including the Virgin of Guadalupe, Iemanja, Oshun, Our Lady of Czestochowa,

Ezili Danto, or swimming in the ocean of many other strong feminine archetypes including the Shekinah, Quan Yin, Mother Mary,

Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Kali-Ma, Green Tara, Brigid, or ISIS, there is a deep discovery to be made about the power, protection, and guidance of these iconic, revered feminine archetypes.


Through meditations, oracle card readings, poetry, and prayer, we will tap into the often-uncharted territory of feminine divinity, power, compassion, consciousness, and sexuality.


Fee Plans


At Yola's Child, I create a safe space offering a valuable container of support for individuals and groups at rates they are comfortable with paying.  Whether you are interested in wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, or career exploration, my approach always invites a spiritual perspective.  

Schedule a 45-minute pro-bono session with me today to discuss your unique interests and goals. Together we will develop a fee structure that works for you. Scroll down to make an appointment.


They Say


"Nancy has been instrumental in helping me articulate my career goals, and ensuring that these goals are in alignment with who I am as an individual. What I appreciate most is the personalized approach she uses with her clients. In speaking with her, I recognize that my dreams matter and I am equipped with the tools and skills necessary to see them to fruition. With Nancy, I feel seen and heard and in today’s world that is what matters most!”

Tami Parris

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Nancy for over two years. She is a coach and mentor who has worked with me in developing my resume and professional growth. She has played a supportive role during my social work career by following my professional progress and expanding networking opportunities. Nancy is somebody I trust and look toward for guidance and advice. She is knowledgeable, dependable, and kind. Working with Nancy is an absolute pleasure. I am proud to consider her a friend/mentor."

Krisbill  Gonzales

"Nancy is a gifted career coach and counselor equipped with the ability to motivate her clients to identify their unique strengths and abilities. Nancy is an empathetic collaborator who takes time to understand her client's goals. Nancy guided me successfully with transforming my resume to be a true representation of my professional accomplishments."

Rachael Samuels

Nancy is a tremendous gift to our community. As a vital member of our team that cares for survivors of domestic violence and homelessness, she gives her whole self to those in our care. Her authenticity provides generous space for conversation and connection. Her compassion and understanding shine through in all of her interactions and her commitment to mutual healing and empowerment changes lives. Nancy listens deeply, responds with grace, and honors sacred moments. Our community is better for having her among us.

Rev. Lesley-Ann Hix Tommey




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