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Spiritual Companioning

Enter the Portal of Possibilities


I offer a brave space for you to be seen and heard.

Spirituality is everywhere.  It is in the stars, the trees, the air, the fire, our relationships, our dreams, and in our experiences.  By deepening your relationship to what spirituality means to you, you connect with the essential essence of your soul.

You Are the Architect of Your Life and Spirit is The Divine Engineer


Spiritual Companioning or Spiritual Exploration is an invitation to embark on a

life-changing journey of self-discovery, soul awakening, and deep connection to what feels most alive for you spiritually. Whatever your specific spiritual affiliation or belief system, spiritual companioning honors all faith traditions and world views.


​Through a delicate process of inner reflection, deep listening, and present-moment experiences, individuals are invited to connect with aspects of their wholeness to bring about greater clarity and connection to their essence as spiritual beings.


Working always with Divine Presence and with your own sense of deep knowing, spiritual companioning can help you to:

  • Explore life issues from a spiritual perspective

  • Learn to listen to and honor your intuition

  • Deepen your relationship with The Divine

  • Explore spiritual practices from different traditions

  • Connect with your inner wholeness and Divinity

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